Deed & Mortgage Registration Taxes

Deed Registration Tax

Minnesota Statute 287.21 provides for deed tax to be paid on  a deed to be recorded.  For minimal deeds that represent no consideration  or $500 or less, the deed tax is $1.65.  For deeds where the consideration  exceeds $500, the rate is .0033 of the purchase price.  For example, the  deed registration tax on a home purchased for $150,000.00 is $495.00 (150,000 x  .0033).

An electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV) must accompany all  deeds with the consideration over $1000.  Minnesota Statute 272.115.  The website for filling these out is available by going to the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website or by clicking here.

Checks for State Deed Tax should be made out to Lake County  Auditor.

Mortgage Registration Tax
Minnesota Statute 287.035 provides for mortgage registration tax to be paid on mortgages to be recorded.  The rate is .0023 of the total  debt secured.  For example, the mortgage registration tax on a mortgage of  $125,000.00 is $287.50 (125,000 x .0023).

Checks for Mortgage Registration Tax should be made out to  Lake County Auditor.