FEMA Metal Roof Grants

The purpose of the Lake County Fire Resistant Roofing project is to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to structures in Lake County through creation of defensible space and installation of metal (or alternative fire-resistant) roofing.

FEMA Metal Roofing Grants

The purpose of “Lake County Fire Resistant Roofing Projects” is to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to structures in Lake County through creation of defensible space and installation of metal roofing (or other approved fire-resistant materials on historic structures). After defensible space has been approved, these grants will provide 70% reimbursement for qualified materials and installation of roofing, up to a maximum of $7500 per eligible dwelling.

Lake County solicited interest in 2012 from all homeowners in “Wildland Urban Interface” (WUI) areas of the County, then worked with the MN Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to develop the grant applications. FEMA restricted the project to those structures located in the seven highest risk WUIs, including. Fernberg Corridor/Kawishiwi Rd, Birch/Slate Lakes, Isabella, Toimi, Crooked/Wilson Lakes, Greenwood, and Sand Lake. A map of Lake County WUIs is included below.

Metal Roofs 1: THIS GRANT IS CLOSED AS OF DEC 31, 2016

The first grant application, for 139 structures, was submitted to FEMA in July 2013. This structure list included only those structures in high risk wildland urban interface (WUI) areas, that were under 50 year old, had a "roof cost to building replacement value (BVR)" of less than 30%, and had two clear photos of each structure.  It was awarded in June 2014, after passing state and federal Eligibility, Benefit / Cost, and Environmental and Historical Reviews. After notifying homeowners, Lake County worked with HSEM, Building Inspectors, State Fire Marshal, Firewise Coordinator, Project Manager, and Licensed Installers to develop specific guidelines that would be approved by FEMA.


Metal Roofs 2:  The second grant application, for 65 structures, was submitted in October 2014, and we received notice of award on March 25, 2015. Those 65 structures are listed under “Metal Roof 2 Approved Structures” below, and are ready for roofing in 2016.

Metal Roofs 3:  The third grant application, for 58 structures, was submitted in December 2014, and awarded by FEMA on June 23, 2015 as a Phased Grant. Phase 1 included an historic review of all structures over 47 years old, or located in the White Iron Lake potential historic district. Based upon the historic value of three World War 1 era resorts in this area, this district may be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and some of the homes have been considered “contributing” to that historic significance. Those structures must be re-roofed with “Class A asphalt/fiberglass shingles resembling as closely as possible the current roofing material.” The results of the Historic Review are posted below.

On October 24, 2016, letters were sent to all participants announcing that roofing work can begin on all eligible historic and non-historic structures. An Installation plan application (also available below under "Installer Information") must be submitted to Lake County for approval to begin work.

Update letters and information are posted below. For more information please contact the Metal Roofs Project Coordinator, Randall Walz, at metalroofs@co.lake.mn.us (preferred) or 503-449-7979, or Emergency Management Director, BJ Kohlstedt. Please note that, because we have three concurrent grant projects serving over 300 homeowners, your specific reference to “Metal Roofs 1, 2, or 3” will be helpful and much appreciated

Homeowner Information

Update Homeowner Information Packet - May 4th, 2016

Defensible Space Specifications - June 18, 2015 
Firewise L2 Evaluation Form - 2009

Firewise L2 Request Form - August 27, 2014
Maintenance Agreement Declarant - September 5th, 2017
Lake County WUI Map September 12, 2014
Metal Roofs Project Checklist - January 1, 2016

Installer Information

Installation Guidelines - January 11, 2016
Installer Plan Application- May 19th, 2016
Currently Active Installers - May 14th, 2017

Metal Roof 1  Updates
Please contact us directly for any information regarding Metal Roof 1.  This grant closed Dec 31, 2016.

Metal Roof 2  Updates
Metal Roof 2 Award Notification March 25, 2015
Metal Roof 2 Approved Structures March 1, 2016
Update Letter - January 25, 2016

Metal Roof 3  Updates

Metal Roof 3 Approved Structures October 13th, 2016
Environmental Review Proiect Conditions-- Long-eared Bat

Metal Roof 3 Award Notification July 1, 2015
Historic Review Fee Notice March 3, 2015
Historic Review Requirements April 4, 2015
Historic (Primary) Review Fee due June 30, 2015
Historic (Secondary) Review Fee due June 30, 2015
Non-Historic (Primary) Award Notice
Update Letter - January 25, 2016
Update Letter - February 23, 2016
Historic Review Recommendations March 1, 2016
FEMA Historic Recommendations List June 16, 2016
Update Letter - July 13 2016
Update Letter - August 18 2016
Update Letter - October 24 2016
Update Letter - March 30 2017