Lake County Maintenance Department

BBA BB D AD FC  WEBLake County's maintenance staff is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Lake County's road and bridge network. 

A county road is a public road which has come under the jurisdiction and control of the County for maintenance. It takes a certain right-of-way width minimum roadway standard, and formal action of the Board of County Commissioners, to make a public road into a county road. The County has jurisdiction over the entire width of the right-of-way. When a road has been accepted into the Lake County road system, the County Highway Department has responsibility for maintaining the road, setting standards and specifications for road work, and administering permits for any work within the right-of-way, such as driveways, other road approaches, and utility installations.  The degree of county maintenance responsibility depends on the status of the road, applicable state law, county laws and county policies.

Road Restrictions
Seasonal information and link to Mn/DOT site
Snow Removal and Announcements
State Statutes, Emergency Snowplowing info and even instructions on how you can clear your driveway entrance in a certain way to reduce the possibility that you will be snow-bound again after the snowplow truck goes by.

Right of Way Usage
Right of Way Usage and Guidelines

Entrance Access Permit
Application Process

Who do I Call about Road Kill or Culvert Backups on Lake County Roads?
Contact Information

Vegetation Management
The Lake County Highway Department controls vegetation along county roads to protect public safety, preserve the roadways against the deteriorating effects of uncontrolled plant growth, and prevent the spread of noxious weeds.