2018 guidelines for application
The mission of the North Shore Collaborative is to strengthen families and honor diverse cultures by improving access for all our children to community resources and opportunities that promote healthy development.
Our vision is a healthy community where children are a high priority.  Families, the community, schools, public and private agencies work together as partners to address the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of all our children.  The North Shore will be a safe, welcoming and supportive place to live, work and raise families.
Collaborative funds are intended to further the following five goals:
1. Promote and sustain School Linked Mental Health Services.
2. Address barriers and improve access to local resources for families with children.
3. Increase vocational development opportunities for older youth.
4. Support families whose children are transitioning back into the community from treatment settings.
5. Build developmental assets with North Shore youth.
Funds must be used for one or more of these purposes.  Funds can only be used for the specific request.  All or any portion not used accordingly must be returned.
Priority is given to projects which can point to evidence of improved school success and/or reductions in risk behaviors for children and youth.  
Applications (form attached) for 2018 funds will be reviewed by the North Shore Collaborative at Board Meetings held every other month.
Applications can be scanned and emailed to Karen Tucker, North Shore Collaborative at: .  
Applications can also be mailed to: North Shore Collaborative, 616 Third Ave., Two Harbors, MN  55616.
Applications will be reviewed and voted on at our bi-monthly meetings the first Wednesday in February, April, June, August, October and December.
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