Conditional Use Permit Application


The Lake County Planning Commission uses the following standards in determining whether a Conditional Use Permit application is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and within the spirit and intent of the Ordinance, by requiring the applicant to demonstrate that:

1.   Measures have been taken, financially assured and approved by the road authority to provide safe and efficient access, off-street parking and loading space to serve the proposed use while not impairing impervious surface requirements of the Ordinance.

2.  The topography, vegetation and soil conditions are adequate to accommodate the proposed use.

3.  The proposed use will not impact public waters during or after construction.

4.  The proposed use is, or will be, served by adequate sewer treatment and water supply.

5.  Adequate utilities, access, drainage, stormwater retention, and supporting facilities have been provided or are being provided backed by appropriate financial assurance.

6.  The proposed use will not create a potential environmental, lighting, signing, or visual pollution problem.

7.  The proposed use or development will not over the long term be injurious to the use and enjoyment of the environment or detrimental to the rightful use and enjoyment of other property in the immediate vicinity, nor substantially diminish or impair values within the vicinity.

None of these tests are absolute, the Planning Commission must evaluate and balance the public good against private desires within the framework of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The decision making process, by it’s very nature cannot satisfy all parties but it is the charge of the Planning Commission to make the final decision. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly address potential issues in the application to minimize the opportunity for misunderstanding.

Be sure to print out  all  3 pages of the application.