General Info

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Minimum Lot Size Requirements
A chart showing minimum lot size, setbacks, and coverage requirements for each land use district.

Vacation Rental Home Guide
A handout regarding Lake County's Vacation Rental Home Program.  Application for Vacation Rental Home can be found under Applications/Interim Use for Vacation Rental.  Minimum requirements are attached as part of the application.

Privy/Outhouse (How to Keep A Biffy Spiffy)
A sanitary privy can be a practical sewage disposal device.  However, an improperly constructed and maintained privy can be an abomination to both the eyes and nose.  If your plans include construction of a privy this is well worth reading.

Composting Toilets

"The Inside Outhouse"  Information on composting toilets.

Grade/Fill, Soil Disturbance, Wetlands or Shoreland

If you have received an access permit from the Lake County Highway Department, additional permits may be required.  This section includes Section 6.12 of the Land Use Ordinance listing those thresholds for required permits.  

Licensed Subsurface SewageTreatment Systems Contractors

Link to MN Pollution Control Agency website for current list of MN licensed SSTS contractors.

The Property Owner's Resource Guide
This guide is available at the Lake County Planning & Zoning Office.  It is a reference guide to the Lake County Land Use Ordinance.  (See Official Ordinance for specific details on land use in Lake County.)  Contact the Planning & Zoning office to obtain the guide.

Wetland Delineators
Wetland delineators in the area.