Permit Applications & Fee Schedule

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As part of the permit process, please allow 5-7 days for review after submitting a permit application.  The Zoning Office cannot issue permits "at the counter."

Land Use Application
A permit issued for a specific use of or activity on the land.  No land or structure shall be changed in use and no structure shall be erected, placed, altered without an approved Land Use permit.

Sewer Exemption Form
When applying for a Land Use permit, if there is no plumbing in the proposed structure and there is no septic system on the property, this form must be completed and submitted with the Land Use Application.

Septic System Application  & Lake County Soils Worksheet
State law regulates sewage treatment system installation, including separation distance from wells, buildings, and property lines.  Lake County has additional restrictions and a septic permit must be obtained before installation.

Link to MPCA for Licensed Septic Contractors
MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has a list of MN licensed septic contractors.

Interim Use Application & Minimum requirements for Vacation Rental Home
An Interim Use application is required prior to short-term rental (a rental period under 30 days) of a home.This application will be heard by the Planning Commission members, where they will make a recommendation to approve or deny to the Lake County Board of Commissioners.  Following approval, a Vacation Rental Home Land Use Application will need to be completed and submitted to Planning & Zoning.

Vacation Rental Home Land Use Application
Vacation Rental Home application is required to rent a home for under 30 days.  An Interim Use Permit is first required for all zoning districts except FR (Forest Recreation).

Interim Use Application - Gravel Pit/Quarry

To operate a gravel pit/quarry, this Interim Use Application must be completed and a hearing will be set up with the Planning Commission, who will then make recommendation of approval or denial to the Lake County Board of Commissioners. 

Administrative Subdivision Application

Administrative Subdivisions will allow subdivision of parcels of land with Administrator approval, which will not change the use of land or the character of the area.  An Administrative Subdivision shall only be considered if it can meet specific requirements.

Conditional Use Permit Application

An application for a land use or development that would not be appropriate generally in a given zoning district, but which may be allowed with appropriate restrictions as called for in the Land Use Ordinance.

Variance Application
A Variance is required when there is any modification or variation from the Lake County Land Use Ordinance or Subdivision Ordinance.
Rezone Application

This application must be completed when applying for a rezone.  No amendment or rezone shall be adopted until a public hearing has been held thereon by the County Board and Planning Commission.

Preliminary Plat (Standard Plat)/Cluster Plat Application
Application required for a Preliminary Plat (Standard Plat) or a Cluster Plat.  For Standard Plat requirements refer to the Lake County Subdivision Ordinance #9, Article 5.0.  For Cluster Plat requirements refer to the Lake County Subdivision Ordinance #9, Article 7.0.
Final Plat Application
Based on the approval of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall submit a full or partial final plat.

Appeal Application
An application if appealling an order, a requirement, or a determination made by the Zoning Administrator.