Lake Superior

Lake Superior MN

Largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is also the largest body of freshwater by surface area in the world and is 10% of the world's freshwater. Weather and climate is moderated by Lake Superior, winter is warmer and summers are cooler. This effect is strongest when the winds blow off her waters and is most pronounced along the immediate shorelines and on the slopes that face the lake. Lake County SWCD has worked with landowners to protect fragile shoreline from erosion. Every mile of shoreline is unique, some are simplebeach and others are cliff-like. If your shoreline isn’t on a steep slope, you may need riprap installed or repaired to prvent erosion. If your shoreline is a steep slope or cliff you will want to usehydro-seeding, as a way to reintroduce grass that can prevent mudslides. On steep slopes, riprap can cost 10x as much as hydroseeding. You’ll want to consider both options. If you have a cabin or other property on Lake Superior and are concerned about an eroding shoreline, contact Lake County SWCD for assistance.