Rainy River Headwaters watershed

Lake County SWCD coordinates civic engagement activities in the Rainy River Headwaters watershed of northern Lake County.  This work includes coordinating stream and lake monitoring activities with volunteers, funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Additionally, work is being conducted through Initiative Foundation and Sea Grant funding sources to mitigate the spread of invasive species.  These activiites include coordinating volunteers for education, monitoring, and management of rusty crayfish, as well as completing an assessment on the effectiveness of alternative crayfish control practices within the watershed.

Kawishiwi River Watershed
As part of the Kawishiwi Watershed Protection Project, a number of reports were prepared. Many of those reports are below.
 Kawishiwi Watershed Metals Summary 2012   Kawishiwi Metals 1976-2012           Beneficial Use Study Final Report                  Beneficial Use Study Worksheet  
 AIS Survey Final Report  KWPP Implementation Plan June 2013  WICOLA Paleolimnology Final Report  WICOLA Base Map
 Land Use Map  WICOLA Soils Slope Ownership Map  WICOLA Zoning & Parcels  KRW SSAVersion 3 Final             
SSTA Inventory Service Area Maps 
Accomplishments February 2012 - June 2013  

White Iron Chain of Lakes Association Website: http://www.wicola.org/ 

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