water plan

Lake SWCD coordinates activities associated with the Lake County Water Plan.The Water Plan Advisory Committee meets regularly to coordinate plan updates and implementation projects.

The Lake County Water Plan has been approved for an extension until 2019. Currently, Lake County water planning resources are beginning to be directed towards the "One Watershed, One Plan" pilot-project underway in the Lake Superior North watershed. For more information, contact Sonja Smerud at (218) 834-8513.

The current water plan can be downloaded by clicking the link below.
Lake County Water Plan - Citizen Survey  
If you are a resident of Lake County, Minnesota, please take 1-2 minutes to fill out this survey to help guide the process of protecting and managing our counties' water resources.

The link below is the final copy of the Lake Superior North Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan, developed by Cook County, Cook County SWCD, Lake County, and Lake County SWCD and approved by the State of Minnesota in January, 2017 and adopted by local government units in May, 2017.

Lake Superior North Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan
Appendices, Lake Superior North Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

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