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Recycling in Lake County is accomplished through joint cooperation between the Lake County Solid Waste Department and private enterprise.
Lake County owns and operates a full service recycling facility located within the City of Two Harbors on Recycle Center Drive. (Across from North Shore Manufacturing)

                                     Hours of Operation of Recycling Center
Monday thru Friday 7:30AM – 5:30PM    Saturday 8:00AM – 12:00PM    Sunday Closed

                                2018 DAC/Recycle Center Schedule.pdf

Acceptable Items for Recycling

Office Paper
Paste Board (cereal boxes)
Corrugated Cardboard (NO PIZZA BOXES)
Plastic (beverage containers, recylcling #'s 1and 2)
Glass (food/beverage containers – rinsed)
Aluminum Cans
Tin Cans (rinsed)
Empty paint cans (dry)

Empty aerosols



                                     Aluminum redemption for cash program operated by D.A.C. of Knife River
                                                          Monday thru Thursday 12:30 to 2:30 PM

Used motor oil and filters collected at these locations...

Two Harbors (Next to the HHW Building)
Silver Bay (at Blazers Repair)
Fall Lake Township - Canister Site

Waste Management Inc. owns and operates a recycle center providing recycling service to both residential and commercial customers in Lake County.

 John's Sanitary of Silver Bay provides full recycling services to both residential and commercial customers.  

Monday - Friday 7:00-3:00


Fall Lake (near Ely)

Hours and days set by Fall Lake Township


Please remember that these services are provided by the taxpayers of Lake County for your convenience and need your cooperation to be successful. We work on the honor system, please be honorable.


Lake County reserves the option to add or subtract services to react to the changing waste stream.