Lake County...Fun Facts to Know and Tell
Lake County was established in 1856 and is the fourth largest county in Minnesota

Lake County currently has approximately 10,866 year-round residents.  This is down from 13,043 in 1980 but up from 10,415 in 1990

Lake County has 841 lakes and 418 streams - many of them Designated Trout Streams.

Lake County is at the junction of two major watersheds - North of the Laurentian Divide the water flows to Hudson Bay and South of the Laurentian Divide the water flows to the Atlantic Ocean through the Great Lakes.

The first iron ore to be shipped from Minnesota left from Two Harbors in 1884.

The northern one-third of Lake County is part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The highest elevation of Lake County is north of Beaver Bay - 2,067 feet!  For reference, the elevation of Lake Superior is 602 feet above sea level.

Lake County has approximately 55 miles of shoreline on Lake Superior - the largest freshwater lake in the world! 

Lake Superior facts:  

  • Average temperature is 40 degrees oF - only 8 degrees above freezing.
  • The deepest spot in Lake Superior is 1333 feet - deep enough to submerge the Sears building in Chicago with only the top two floors above the surface!
  • Along the Lake County shoreline, the lake depths drop to 700 feet within three miles of shore.
  • The lake contains three quadrillion gallons of water - 10% of the freshwater supply on earth AND enough to flood North and South America with one foot of water!
  • Lake Superior is the cleanest and the clearest of the Great Lakes.
  • It takes about182 years for water in Lake Superior to be flushed out.
  • The Ojibwe name for Lake Superior is "Gichii Gamii" which means "the greatest" of "the ultimate huge" water.

Approximately 25 percent of Lake County is classified as "wetlands" and Lake County has at least 98 percent of our pre-settlement wetlands.

Lake County is 83 percent publicly owned - 58 percent Federal, 13 percent State, and 12 percent County tax-forfeit.

Lake County temperatures vary from close to 100oF in the summer to -45oF in the winter.  Due to the moderating influence of Lake Superior, temperatures are warmer by the lake in the winter and cooler by the lake during the summer.

Lake County is approximately 1,364,480 acres - about 2,132 square miles! Approximately 118,000 are covered by water and the remaining acres are primarily forested.

The average annual precipitation is 28 inches in Two Harbors area and about 26 inches in the Fall Lake area.

The average snowfall is 65 inches with 171 inches being recorded in the winter of 1995-1996.

The county seat was changed from Beaver Bay to Two Harbors in 1887.

The average last frost in the spring is May 22nd with the first fall frost ocurring September 21st.