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Property Information

Property Taxes and Information
This section contains information regarding property taxes, property information, mortgage and deed registration taxes, and plat book information.


Payments for property taxes may be made in person or mailed.  Sorry, credit card payments are not accepted at this time.


To mail your payment send check or money order, made payable to 'Lake County Auditor', to 601 Third Avenue, Two Harbors, MN 55616.


If you have any questions about how much is owed on your taxes, please give us a call (218) 834-8315.


Due dates for property taxes are as follows:


Real Estate

    • May 15th - first half for all real estate
    • October 15th - second half for commercial and residential property
    • November 15th - second half for agricultural property

Personal Property

  • May 15th - in full

Mobile Homes

  • August 31st - first half
  • November 15th - second half

Note: The title to your mobile home cannot be transferred unless the total personal property taxes due on your manufactured home at the time of transfer, including any delinquent taxes you owe, are paid.


To avoid a penalty, envelopes must be postmarked by the due date to be considered on time.


If you pay your first half and second half property tax after the due date, a penalty will be added to your tax.  The later you pay, the greater the penalty.  If you are paying late, please give us a call at (218) 834-8315 to find out the total amount of taxes due on your parcel.




Parcel information is available over the web at  This website allows you to lookup property information such as owner of record, parcel number, legal description, property classification, property value, and current tax record.  It will not tell you if taxes are paid.  Please call us if you need that information.  You can also lookup Certificate of Real Estate Value Information.  And it also includes a Lake Finder feature and a Mortgage Calculator.


Deed Registration Tax

Minnesota Statute 287.21 provides for deed tax to be paid on a deed to be recorded.  For minimal deeds that represent no consideration or $500 or less, the deed tax is $1.65.  For deeds where the consideration exceeds $500, the rate is .0033 of the purchase price.  For example, the deed registration tax on a home purchased for $150,000.00 is $495.00 (150,000 x .0033).

A Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV) must accompany all deeds with the consideration over $1000.  Minnesota Statute 272.115. 

Checks for State Deed Tax should be made out to Lake County Auditor.

Mortgage Registration Tax

Minnesota Statute 287.035 provides for mortgage registration tax to be paid on mortgages to be recorded.  The rate is .0023 of the total debt secured.  For example, the mortgage registration tax on a mortgage of $125,000.00 is $287.50 (125,000 x .0023).

Checks for Mortgage Registration Tax should be made out to Lake County Auditor.



The 2014 Lake County Plat Book is available for sale.  In addition to showing land ownership, the plat book also includes roads, trail systems, townships, cities, and lakes. 

The cost is $30.00 per book.  

To purchase in person, stop in our office at 601 Third Avenue in Two Harbors, MN.  You can also pick up plat books at the Forestry Office at 419 Airport Road, Two Harbors or at the Silver Bay Service Center at 99 Edison Blvd, Silver Bay.

You may also request a copy by mail.  The buyer must pay shipping charges of $5.50 per book. Request for mail orders to Lake County Auditor at 601 Third Avenue, Two Harbors, MN 55616.  Make checks payable to Lake County Auditor for $35.50 per book. 

For larger quantities, please contact the Auditor’s Office.