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Wildfire is a part of our landscape that can be a real danger to our lives and property.  Most recently, the Highway 1 and Pagami Creek fires have reminded us of  that.  Research has shown that homeowners can greatly reduce the risk of a fire damage to their home by taking some simple preventive actions.  The first step in understanding the fire mitigation process is to have a Firewise Level 2 evaluation done on your property.  This free survey offers suggestions by a trained evaluator to reduce your wildfire risk.

To learn more about the process read the form below.  In addition to the evaluations, homeowners can work together to become Firewise Communities, which involves forming a community board, holding a Firewise event, and becoming active in fuel reduction.  Getting involved empowers homeowners and creates a sense of community in rural and remote areas. It also may pre-qualify your neighborhood for some funding of mitigation projects.