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Lake County Forestry/Land Department is responsible for the administration and management of State tax-forfeit lands within the boundaries of Lake County, and is charged with the full range of land and timber resource management activities, including timber sales, forest management and development, and tax forfeited land administration.  It is the intent of Lake County Forestry to protect, develop and administer Lake County's land and timber resources to best meet the needs of county residents.  Natural resource management efforts will stress multiple-use and sustained yield principles, recognizing the importance of providing for a diverse mixture of resource uses and outputs over time.  Full and proper utilization of this resource will be carried out consistent with generally accepted social, economic and environment principles, and within the confines of all applicable administrative and State statutory guidelines.

Current Projects up for Bids:
There are no projects up for bids currently.
To receive a bid prospectus by mail:  Lake County Forestry, 601 3rd Ave., Two Harbors, MN 55616
phone: 218-834-8340 or email:

Timber Sale Extension Policy:
The Lake County Board of Commissioners approved Resolution #15052602.05, authorizing the Land Commissioner in the case of an exceptional circumstance beyond the control of the timber permit holder which makes it unreasonable, impractical, and not feasible to complete cutting and removal under the permit within the time allowed, grant one regular extension for one year. A written request for the regular extension must be received by the Land Commissioner before the permit expires.  The request must state the reason the extension is necessary and be signed by the permit holder.  An interest rate of eight percent may be charged for the period of extension.
Extension Request Form

Access Across County Land Fact Sheet
Access Fact Sheet

Request for Access Form (complete & return to Lake County Forestry)

Dovetail Report :     Minnesota's County Land Management

 A Unique Ownership Providing Diverse Benefits

In the United States, there are a number of different forest ownership types - including private, public, and many variations of the two. Each ownership type provides different opportunities and benefits. Several states, including Minnesota, provide an illustration of the benefits of having diverse forest ownerships. Minnesota is among a small number of states that have county managed forest land. This report explores the history and current contribution of Minnesota's county-managed forest lands, including the diverse social, economic and environmental benefits they provide.

To download the full report, click here: