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Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (LCCWPP)

As fire history shows, large wildfires are not uncommon in Lake County. The threats to life and property, the assets lost, and the cost for fighting fires are continuously escalating. As wildfires affect more people, active public involvement becomes integral to the success of any wildfire management initiative. By being proactive, Lake County communities can work together to combat the wildland fire issue. It is impossible to stop all wildfires ignitions from occurring, but appropriate mitigation measures CAN make a difference. Wildfire and structure protection is everybody’s responsibility!

The Lake County CWPP has two objectives.

First, it identifies and prioritizes Wildland/Urban Interface areas within Lake County (including federal and nonfederal lands) for hazardous fuels reduction treatments and recommends methods for achieving hazardous fuels reductions.

Second, the plan outlines measures for reducing fire danger to structures throughout Lake County at-risk communities.

To view the complete final version of the Lake County CWPP, click on the link below: