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LCHHS Advisory Committee

LCHHS Advisory Committee

Members: Susan Hilliard,
Jan O'Donnell, Karen Saari, Marlys Wisch

Purpose: To serve as an advisory committee to the LCHHS Board to fulfill the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, section 402.03.  Committee actions shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. To actively participate in the formulation of the plan for the development, implementation and operation of programs and services by the Board.
  2. To provide a formal recommendation to the Board, at least annually, concerning the annual budget of the Board and implementation of the plan during the ensuing year.
  3. To receive, review and comment on special interest group and community-at-large input regarding the Lake County Health and Human Services Department’s (including social services, mental health services and public health services) programs, service and performance.
  4. To perform such other duties as requested by the Board.
  5. To appoint permanent Task Forces to assist in planning for social, mental health and public health services.
Mission Statement:  The Lake County Health and Human Services Advisory Committee exists to fulfill the mandates of Minnesota Statutes, section 402.03, and to advise the Health and Human Services Board on matters pertaining to general issues affecting the quality of life of the citizens of Lake County.  It is comprised of membership which has been appointed by the Board, and serves as an umbrella organization for the Task Forces which the Committee appoints.

LCHHS Application for Advisory Committee or Task Forces
LCHHS Advisory Committee Bylaws
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