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Section Corner Map Information (available in county offices)

Section Corner information is found in four county offices and differs somewhat in nature among the various sources.

County Recorder’s Office (CRO), County Courthouse, 601 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors

            Corner affidavits and certificates are filed in three books by range and township, and by alphabetical/numeric corner identification system within the townships.  Corners common to more than one township are filed in the lowest numbered township and/or range to which they pertain.  Certificates include ties to bearing trees/reference monuments and often include a history of the corner’s perpetuation since the original survey.  Some include coordinates by longitude/latitude, state coordinate system or UTMs.  They are usually signed by a registered surveyor, land commissioner or engineer.

            This office also has plats filed by plat slide number (roughly chronologically) and miscellaneous unrecorded survey drawings filed by legal description; an index by legal description to filed location of plats and an index of miscellaneous surveys are found iin the recorders office.

County Highway Department, 1513 Hwy 2, Two Harbors

            Information from this office indexed thus far includes 1) certificates in a Corner Certificates notebook which are not eligible to be filed at the CRO (are not originals) but include ties and  sometimes historical information; there are also many duplicates of certificates filed at the CRO; 2) corner information in the Township corners looseleaf notebooks which often include ties and road stationing information, no history; the sources of this information are corner certificates and/or road plans up to 1980; and 3) corner references on county road plan drawings filed in flat map files, including stationing, ties and/or monument types.

County Forestry Department, 419 Airport Road, Two Harbors

            This office has 1) corner card file of information on corners from the US Forest Service from the 1930’s and 1940’s noting search results, locations of tags near corner locations, sometimes bearing trees; also in the same file are Lake County Forestry corner information from the 1950’s and later, generally of the same nature; 2) a binder of township maps inherited from Kimberly-Clark Paper Company showing iron monument and tag locations; and 3) ArcView GIS computer files with monument location and type information (much of it with GPS’d UTM coordinates, 10’+/- precision); usually no historical or reference monument/tree information but some identify who set the monument (DMIR, DNR, Tofte RLS, etc). 

Lake County Forestry Department, Hwy 1, Finland MN

            Corner information in this office is organized in a notebook of mostly GPS’d locations with latitudes and longitudes (10’ +/- precision).  Monument type but no tie information included.

(The above information was provided by Fran Kaliher and noted in the Index to Sources of Section Corner Information inLake County Book)