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Lake County is proud to be able to assist you in Electronic Document Recording. This service enables title companies, lenders and law firms to send documents in electronically for recording from a Trusted Submitter to the County Recorder/Registrar of Titles. Lake County is accepting most Model 2 documents such as:

• Deeds
• Mortgages
• Modifications (or Amendments/Extensions to Mortgages, Attorney’s Liens, etc.)
• Assignments (of Mortgages, of Contracts for Deed, of Mechanic’s Liens, of Sheriff’s Certificates, etc.)
• Releases (of Mortgages, Satisfactions of Mortgages, liens, etc.)
• Appointment/Power of Attorney (Appt. of Agent to Release Mortgage or Powers of Attorney)
• Notices (Notice of Lis Pendens, Subordination Agreement, Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale, Certificate & Request for Notice,    Notice of Pendency of Proceeding, etc.)
• Affidavits (of Atty-in-Fact, of Trustee, etc.)
• Other Liens (Mechanic’s Liens, Attorney Liens, etc.)
• Cancellation/Revocation (of Contracts for Deed, of Powers of Attorney, of Transfer on Death Deed, of Appt. of Agent to Release Mortgages, etc.)
• Other (for document types not covered in the categories above)

What are the Benefits of e-Recording?

Eliminates or reduces mailing and other document delivery costs
Reduces delivery time
Improves office efficiency in automating the processing, receipt and payment for real estate documents.
Improves document recording turn-around time
No special equipment is needed – just a computer, scanner and internet access
Increased security – the original documents never leave your possession and are tracked through the entire recording process
Faster communication and resolution of rejection issues

How does a company get started?

Begin by contacting one of the state approved Trusted Submitters. Lake County is currently doing business with the following:



eRecording Partners:


Nationwide Title Clearing:

Or visit the Minnesota Electronic Real Estate Recording Commision site for more information at:

Additional information is available at:

Property Records Industry Association - eRecording guide