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Recording Documents

What is Recording?

Recording is the act of putting real estate documents into the official records at the County Recorder or Registrar of Titles Office. 

Why Record Real Estate Documents?

The purpose of recording a document is to provide a traceable chain or title to the property.  (Chain of title is evidence that a piece of property has validly passed down through the years from one owner to the next).  Thus, recording property interest in the public records effectually gives notice of ownership to the general public.

How Do I Record Real Estate Documents?

An original, properly prepared document is submitted to the County Recorder’s Office in person, by mail, or through an eRecording submitter along with the appropriate Recording Fees.

The Recorder’s Office does not provide legal advice or assist in the preparation/completion of any documents. 
Questions should be directed to a Real Estate Attorney or
a Title & Abstract company.


The document is reviewed to see if it meets Recording Requirements defined by statute.

The document is then given a number and stamped with the date and time of recording, then microfilmed, scanned, and indexed to property records and party names. 

After the recording process has been completed, the original document is returned to the party that submitted it to us.  

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