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Demolition Regulations

Call a licensed hauler (all licensed trash haulers have demo permits)

  • Purchase a yearly Demolition Permit (January through December--Not prorated) $25.00
  • You will be billed $8.00 per cubic yard, plus $.60 per cubic yard Solid Waste Tax
  • Minimum charge for 2 cubic yards or less = $17.20 (includes tax)
  • MinimumUsePass (May purchase 2 per year/not to exceed 4 yards total waste) = $14.00


LakeCounty Demolition Site

 Acceptable demolition materials:  Non asbestos containing materials resulting from the alteration, construction, destruction, rehabilitation or repair of all manmade structures.



LakeCounty’s permit for operating the Lake County Demolition Landfill

does not allow us to accept the following items:

     Carpet/carpet pad           Furniture                   


The above materials may be disposed of at the

WLSSD’s MaterialsRecoveryCenter

(located at the former Rice Lake Landfill) 

Call WLSSD’s Hotline for information:  722-0761



�??Loads containing this material will be rejected

from dumping at the LakeCounty facility�??




 Appliances/white goods:




Residential Furnaces



Room Air Conditioners



Trash Compactors


Microwave Ovens


Food Waste Disposal


Waters Heaters


Appliances are to be placed in an upright position to allow for removal of refrigerant.


Scrap Metal / Ferrous and non Ferrous


Landfill operator will direct you where to unload

Small appliances, power tools, if it has a power cord.

No re-chargeable items will be accepted.


 Unacceptable Material:


Ash from Incinerators

Hazardous waste

Petroleum contaminated


Auto Glass

Household garbage

Railroad ties


Infectious waste


Caulking tubes

Lead acid batteries

Sewer sludge

CRT’s / TV’s

Light bulbs

Sewer sludge compost

Empty paint cans




Some of these materials are recyclable

OR  can go into the garbage

OR  WLSSD’s MaterialsRecoveryCenter


CallLakeCounty Solid Waste

for more information at:  834-8304



Class II Landfill – Unlined, any source of materials is acceptable.


Asphalt                                                            Metal   


Bituminous – blacktop, pavement                  Molded Fiberglass


Bricks – excluding fire bricks                          Packaging material – paper, plastic,

                                                                                    banding, etc.

Build in cabinets – Part of a structure


Burned structures

1.      Control/planned burn must           Particle board

 have pre-inspection

2.      Parts that can be identified           Plaster

as part of a structure

            NO  ASH  ALLOWED !!                      Plastic building parts


Carpet – if glued to floor board,                      Plastic lumber



Cement board – underlayment                                  


Ceramic Fixtures                                                       

                                                                        Siding * – aluminum, cement board,

Concrete – including re-bar, block,                             plastic, steel, vinyl, wood

stucco, plaster                                               

                                                                        Shingles – asphalt, fiberglass, metal, tile,

Conduit – metal, plastic                                              wood


Drain tile* -- cement, clay, paper, plastic       Tree stumps – grubbing, root balls


Duct work                                                        Untreated wood – including mill ends,

                                                                                     and scraps

Fencing material – galvanized steel,                         

untreated wood, silt fencing,               Sheet rock

orange plastic grid                                         

                                                                         Sheeting – wafer board, vapor barrier,

Felt and tar paper                                                        plastic sheeting


Furniture                                                          Shredded tire pieces – what is left after

                                                                                    processing, wire with small

Glass – Window, door glass from                              amounts of rubber adhered to it

structures only

                                                                        Tile * – ceramic, floor, ceiling, roof, vinyl

Insulation – fiberglass, mineral wool,

polystyrene, newspaper, foam           Wiring – aluminum, copper


                                              * Non Asbestos