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Demolition Use Pass/Permits

Available Options: 

Demolition use Pass = $25.00

Annual pass to gain acess to the demolition landfill. Please take note, our demolition landfill does not accept MSW (household garbage) .  Users will be required to pay $8.60 per cubic yard(Solid Waste Tax included).There is a minimum charge equaling two(2) cubic yards per delivery ( $8.60 X 2  = $17.20). 

Minimum Use Pass = $14.00

The occasional user who has one standard size pickup load or less of demolition type materials may purchase a " minimum use pass" Users are allowed to purchase two (2)  minimum use passes per calendar year.

White goods only passes may now be purchased for the disposal of items without a Demolition Permit.  The cost is $10.00 per item and can be purchased at either the Solid Waste Office or from the Environmental Services Office in the Courthouse. 



Residential Furnaces


Gas Ranges

Room Air Conditioners



Trash Compactors

Electric Ranges

Microwave Ovens


Food Waste Disposal


Waters Heaters


Scrap metals may now be disposed of at the Lake County Demolition Landfill.  A demolition permit is required at a cost of $25.00 per calendar year.  There will be no dumping fee for “scrap only loads.”

 Acceptable Items …

             Ferrous and non ferrous metals

            Small appliances

            Power tools

            General scrap pipe, angles, rods, misc. automotive parts.

Lawnmowers, tillers, snowblowers, lawn tractors, snowmobiles, engines, transmissions, gear boxes, (all fluids must be drained, no tires that would normally hold air)

Not Acceptable Items …

             NO tires

            NO car/truck bodies

            NO rechargeable items

            NO batteries