East branch of the Beaver River

The East Branch of the Beaver River Restoration and Habitat Enhancement project (47°16'40.02"N, 91°19'0.39"W) is located adjacent to the Silver Bay Golf Course, upstream of where the river runs through the golf course.  This site experienced increased erosion and habitat degradation during the June 2012 flood. This site is on public land owned by the City of Silver Bay, and the de-stabilized conditions at the site have the potential to affect infrastructure and recreational elements of the Silver Bay Golf Course if left unaddressed.

The Environmental Assessment Worksheet has been submitted to the Environmentay Quality Board and will be publichsed in the EQB on May 8, 2017. The EAW and supporting documentation can be found below at these links:

East Branch, Beaver River Planset, June 20, 2017
Phase One Archeological Report - East Branch Beaver River
East Branch, Beaver River EAW Document
East Branch, Beaver River EAW Construction Site Plans
East Branch, Beaver River EAW Attachments and Figures One and Two