Lake County has abundant surface water resources, many of which are in pristine or near-pristine condition. Lake County is at the junction of two major watersheds—the Rainy River Basin flows to Hudson Bay and the Lake Superior Basin flows through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The northern one-third of Lake County is part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the most pristine and remote waters in the state. Lake County has 841 lakes and 418 streams, many of which are Designated Trout Streams. Approximately 25 percent of Lake County is classified as "wetlands" and Lake County has at least 98 percent of pre-settlement wetlands. 

Lake County SWCD obtains grants to assess water quality and implement water quality improvement projects across Lake County. Some of our projects address impairments such as turbidity, while other projects focus on protecting a pristine water resource. For more information about our water quality projects, select a watershed below:

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