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Community Mediation Minnesota

Program Description

Mediation is an alternative to going to court. This program connects those seeking conflict resolution services to local mediation service providers.  Mediation can help resolve conflicts between neighbors, landlords and tenants, family relationships, parenting time, workplace issues, etc.

Restorative practices include a variety of interventions that can range from one-on-one to medium-sized groups facilitated by trained facilitators. These interventions are often designed with participant input and typically focus on a broad range of deeply personal and consequential matters.

Facilitated dialogues are medium to large-size group discussions facilitated by trained facilitators. These interventions address a range of predetermined and participant-identified issues with the goals of capturing a broad range of perspectives and moving the group forward with a shared process and purpose.

Training and skill building are available from the individual to institutional level. These services address a wide range of issues based on participants’ interests and organizational goals.

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