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Lake County Sheriff

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide the very best service and protection to the citizens and visitors to our county. Through highly trained personnel, effective pro-active community policing, and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, we assure a safe environment for our children and an unsurpassed quality of life.


Lake County Sheriff's vehicle
Lake County Sheriff’s vehicle

There are 14 sworn Deputy Sheriffs, two Sergeants, and the Sheriff serving Lake County in the three different duty stations of our 2,062 square mile county.

The Two Harbors station, which also is home to our Law Enforcement Center, is staffed by four Deputies, two Sergeants, and the Sheriff. They have 142 years of combined law enforcement experience.

The Silver Bay station, located 28 miles northeast of Two Harbors, is staffed by three Deputies with 26 years of combined law enforcement experience.

The Section 30 station, which is located at the door of the Boundary Waters, is staffed by three Deputies with 42 years of combined law enforcement experience.

The Silver Bay station and the Section 30 station share one Deputy who works between the two stations and has 17 years of law enforcement experience.

There are two Deputies who serve as vacation relief. They work in all three duty stations and are allowed to live in any three of the stations. They have 11 years of combined law enforcement experience.

One of our Deputies is currently working on the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force out of Duluth. This Deputy has 32 years of law enforcement experience.

The Sheriff’s Office responsibilities include, but are not limited to, boat and water enforcement, ATV enforcement, snowmobile enforcement, and overseeing the Lake County Rescue Squad. Each Deputy is responsible for doing their own investigations, including collecting evidence and performing various civil duties as assigned by the Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s duties are defined by Minnesota Statute 387.03.

About Sheriff Carey Johnson

I was born in Cloquet and raised in Two Harbors, as my father was a State Trooper for the Minnesota State Patrol and was stationed in Two Harbors. I graduated from Two Harbors High School in 1983. Between my junior and senior years of high school, I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard in Duluth. I went to Army Basic Training in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, on my summer break and then returned for my senior year of high school.

After graduation, I went on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in Ft. Gordon, Georgia for five months. I applied for and was accepted into the Law Enforcement program at Hibbing Community College, graduating in 1986. I started my Law Enforcement career in February 1987, when I was hired by the Walnut Grove and Morgan Police Departments in the southwest corner of the state. Shortly thereafter in July of 1987, I was hired as a patrolman for the Springfield Police Department. In 1992, I was appointed Chief of Police in Springfield. After three years as Chief, I was hired as a deputy sheriff by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Grand Marais, Minnesota. In 1996, I was hired as a deputy sheriff with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Then in 2006, I was elected as Sheriff and was sworn into office on January 2, 2007.

It has been my great pleasure to serve the citizens of Lake County for the last 12 years and look forward to a great many more.