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Lake County Assessor

The Assessor’s Department provides for the equitable assessment of real and personal property in Lake County as provided by state law and regulation. It determines the value of all County property and makes the assessment based upon appraisals done by the appraiser staff and/or local assessors.

Please keep in mind that we have records for Lake County property only. We cannot access the records from neighboring counties.

The Assessor’s Office also reviews and corrects local assessment books, prepares abstracts, maps and other forms prescribed by the State Commissioner of Revenue, attends local and state Board of Equalization meetings, and appears in court to defend assessments as an expert witness.

Specific functions include: physical inspection and valuation of property, collects and maintains sales data, conducts and evaluates assessment ratio studies, administers valuation appeals and advises municipalities and the county board on assessment issues.

Front desk of Lake County Assessor's office
Front desk of Lake County Assessor’s office