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Extension Committee Membership

The Minnesota State Legislature established County Extension Committees in 1923. The 2002 Minnesota County Extension Law is outlined in Minnesota State Statute 38.33 through 38.38.  The following information is a summary of County Extension Committee Member duties, roles and responsibilities:

County Extension Committee Membership

  • The County Extension Committee consists of nine members, including two members of the County Board, the County Auditor and six county residents that are appointed by the County Board;
  • County Extension Committee members serve three-year terms and may be re-appointed.  County Extension Committees may have guidelines that allow for term limits of members
  • County Extension Committee meetings are held regularly throughout the year to provide the Extension staff with input and recommendations for County Extension work.  Regular meeting attendance and participation is requested.

County Extension Committee Member

Roles and Responsibilities:

The County Extension Committee members work together with the Regional Director, who serves as the administrative contact for the local County Extension Office, in order to:

Identify Local Community Needs to:

  • Identify and prioritize local citizen  needs to match them with Extension programs
  • Determine where there is a need for local program staff and work with stakeholders to provide funding for local Extension staff positions as a contract for service with the University of Minnesota

Provide Extension Program Support and Advocacy by:

  • Becoming familiar with available Extension programs;
  • Participating in Extension program offerings;
  • Representing and serving as an Extension advocate in a positive and proactive manner in the county and community;
  • Working with the Regional Director, local Extension staff and program supervisor to agree upon educator goals and priority program outcomes and to measure performance against these goals;
  • Reviewing and providing input to the local Extension staff yearly work plan to jointly agree on program outcomes that best serve citizen needs;
  • Assisting in marketing and promoting Extension programs throughout the county;
  • Providing input to staff performance on an annual basis; and
  • Participating as part of a Search Committee to provide recommendations for employment of local Extension staff, using University of Minnesota hiring practices [staff vacancies]

Assist in the development of an annual County Extension budget  request  by:

  • Communicating the importance of Extension programs within the county and community;
  • Providing oversight within the development of the annual County Extension budget process; and
  • §  Recommending, supporting and advocating for the County Extension annual budget request with the County Board

County Extension Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Regional Director serves as the primary administrative contact for the County Extension Office and the County Extension Committee.  The County Extension Committee Chair and Vice Chair work together with the Regional Director to:

  • Develop the County Extension Committee Meeting Agenda;
  • Develop an action plan related to County Extension Committee work tasks and assignments;
  • Serve in a County Extension Committee leadership role;
  • Lead and chair the County Extension Committee Meetings;
  • Identify subcommittee work and membership assignments;
  • Demonstrate support for local Extension program efforts;
  • Represent Extension positively within the community;
  • Assist in recommending potential County Extension Committee appointments to the County Board;
  • Work with the County Extension Committee to develop annual goals; and
  • Communicate the value of Extension with stakeholders, along with the members of the County Extension Committee

Note:  The Vice-Chair would fulfill these responsibilities in the absence or vacancy of the County Extension Committee Chair.

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