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Northwoods Partners

Program Description

Friendly VisitsVolunteer visits for area seniors who are homebound or alone and who want or need contact with the community. We offer a simple walk in the park with a companion, stories and a laugh with a new friend, or sharing a hobby.   


  • Local Transportation-Volunteer supported program that provides rides to and from local services/events, running errands and local medical appointments. 
  • Long-Distance Rides are specifically provided for medical appointments. Volunteer long-distance drivers are reimbursed by Northwoods Partners miles driven and clients are asked to make a donation to help us to sustain our programs. 
  • Grocery Delivery is available. Set up a store charge account and our volunteers will deliver your groceries right to your home. Groceries are delivered on Wednesdays between noon and 4pm. 

Exercise Buddy Program A trained volunteer will meet with you weekly in your home to help increase your strength, flexibility, and balance.   

Community Exercise Group–Participants are led through a full body exercise routine that includes both seated and standing exercises.  The program is designed give participants a safe and effective workout that will allow them to increase and maintain their flexibility, stability, and movement.  Meets every Thursday from 10:30-11:30 in the basement of First Lutheran Church. 

Memories & Movement GroupShare memories, stories, and life experiences over coffee & snacks and conclude each session with movement, light exercises to keep you active and help increase balance, range of motion and strength.  Meets every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 at the Ely Senior Center. 

Matter of Balance Classes–Eight-week program that helps reduce the fear of falling and increases the activity levels of older adults. 

Tai Ji Quan:  Moving for Better Balance is a balance training regimen designed for older adults and people with balance disorders. TJQMBB is a 12-week progressive learning course where participants learn an adapted 8 form Tai Chi routine that is intended to address common and potentially debilitating movement and balance issues.  

Caregiver Consulting–Caregiver Consultants can provide family caregivers with useful information, skills and tools, as well as help with problem solving.  The consultant’s role includes developing strategies for the caregiver to achieve a balanced lifestyle that allows for both providing care and maintaining their own health.  The consultant will help identify the caregiver’s strengths and needs, develop a personalized caregiving plan with goals.  Along the way, they offer problem solving, coaching, and ongoing support to help the caregiver reach their goals. 

Northwoods Memory Care Program–We help guide you and your family through the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia by providing resources and consultation to help reduce stress and increase family support. 

Caregiver Support Groups–Provides an opportunity to connect with others, validate each other’s experiences, and ask for advice, find out about useful resources, and safely vent your frustrations. Meets 4th Monday of the month, 10-11:30am, Ely Senior Center.

Powerful Tools For Caregivers–An evidence-based educational series that is six weeks long and is designed to help unpaid family caregivers take better care of themselves while caring for a relative or family friend. 

ACT on Alzheimer’s–We bring dementia education to Ely in the form of newspaper articles, books, handouts, speakers, and a community conversation series. Check our calendar for upcoming educational opportunities. 

REACH – Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health is an evidence-based caregiver consultation service. This program works one-on-one with caregivers to assess risk, assist with problem solving, provide skill building techniques, manage behavior changes and find time for themselves.  

Caregiver Relief–We coordinate volunteer help for the person who cares for a chronically ill home-bound loved one. 

Volunteer Training–New volunteers receive a one hour, face-to-face orientation that explains our history, services, programs, policies, and procedures.  Additional training may be provided to carry out specific services.  Every quarter, we offer a themed Volunteer Social that provides an opportunity for socializing with other volunteers and continuing education on volunteering. 

  • 218-365-8019

  • 328 West Conan Street
    Ely, Minnesota 55731