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Veterans License Plates

Minnesota veterans now have the opportunity to purchase a special license plate and simultaneously donate to the World War II Veterans’ Memorial Fund.  Minnesota’s Driver and Vehicle Services Division (DVS) and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs have announced that the new veteran’s license plates are now available.

The plates feature a prominent United States flag and the legend, “Proud to Be a Veteran.”  The license plates may be displayed on cars, vans, pickup trucks and recreational vehicles.  A special plate application is available at all deputy registrar locations, on DVS’s Web site or by selecting the attachment at the bottom of the page.

To be eligible to purchase the plates, one must have participated in active military service in a branch of the United Statesarmed forces and received an honorable discharge. Unlike the situation with other veteran plates, there is no restriction regarding dates of service. (Previous Minnesota “Vet” license plates were specific to individual conflicts, except for the Ex-POW and Congressional Medal of Honor plates.)

Purchase of the new Veteran plates requires a one-time, $30 contribution to the World War II Veterans Memorial Fund, a $10 plate fee and a $7 filing fee. Applicants are asked to provide a certified copy of their separation papers (DD214 or equivalent) at the time of application.

The Minnesota World War II Veterans Memorial is currently in the planning stages; it will be built and placed on the Minnesota Capitol grounds near the already completed Korean and Vietnam Memorials.  Those two memorials varied in with the Korean Memorial costing approximately $600,000, and the Vietnam Memorial costing approximately $900,000.  The World War II memorial is anticipated to cost approximately one million dollars.  The Memorial Fund is currently about halfway to its goal. Contributions to the memorial fund are being accepted from veterans and general public at this time.

More information on the memorial is available at the Minnesota Veterans Affairs .