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Victim/Witness Assistance

The victim witness coordinator of the Lake County Attorney’s Office provides a variety of services to victims and witnesses of crime and help to ensure compliance with the Minnesota Crime Victim Rights Law.  They can assist with financial matters such as restitution for out of pocket expenses such as property loss or damage or reparations for medical expenses, counseling or loss of wages due to the crime.

The Lake County Attorney’s office does not represent individual citizens and cannot give legal advice.

The victim witness coordinator also make referrals for additional resources available to crime victims

The victim witness coordinator is committed to listening to victims’ stories with compassion, providing opportunities for victims to have a real voice in the prosecution process and helping preserve the dignity of victims as they go through the justice process.  

As a victim, you have the right:

To be Notified of:

  • Content of any plea bargain agreements.
  • Changes in the schedule of court proceedings, including the date, time and place of sentencing.
  • Final disposition of the case.
  • Transfer of the offender from prison or custodial institution.
  • Escape and apprehension of the offender from prison or custodial institution. 

To Protection from Harm:

  • Tampering with a witness is a crime in Minnesota.
  • Victims do not have to give their address in open court.
  • Victims have the right to a secure waiting area during court.
  • Employers may not discipline or dismiss victims or witnesses who are called to testify in court.

To Participate in the Prosecution:

  • To inform court of impact of crime at the sentencing hearing.
  • To have input in a pre-trial diversion program decision.
  • To request a speedy trial.
  • To bring a supportive person to the pre-trial.
  • To object to proposed disposition or sentence.
  • To object to plea agreement.
  • To attend the sentencing hearing.

To Apply for Financial Assistance:

  • Victims may be eligible for financial assistance from the start if they have suffered economic loss as a result of a violent crime. Victims can request the court to order the defendant to pay restitution.