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Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Land Use PermitDwelling/principal structure Timely$100.00per structure
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramp(no fee)
All othersTimely$50.00per structure
After the fact- all types$400.00
$800.00after 2nd notice
Lake Superior Shoreline RestorationTimely$500.00
After the fact$800.00
Land Use Permit for Change of Use (to Vacation Rental Home)Timely$500.00
After the fact - FR district$800.00
Conditional Use1 & Initial Interim Use PermitTimely$500.00
IUP Renewal$300.00
After the fact$800.00
After the fact$800.00
Appeal from administrative decisions$400.00
Accelerated HearingsPre-scheduled hearing$200.00plus permit fee
Unscheduled hearing$500.00plus permit fee
Environmental Assessment Worksheet $500.00fee does not include cost for a consultant to prepare EAW; if the EAW is completed by the applicant or if it is necessary for a 3rd party review, the applicant will pay that review fee
Septic SystemsNew non-commercial construction $500.00
Commercial/cluster system$1000.00
Commercial and non-commercial septic system repair, expansion, tank replacement or holding tank/vault privy$300.00
Privy in soils (without a vault) in shoreland Areas$150.00
Privy in non-shoreland areas $50.00
After the fact- all types$800.00
Operating permit (≤2,500 GPD) for individual sized system; one time fee if renewed on time$250.00
Operating permit (2,501-10,000 GPD) for mid sized system, one time fee if renewed on time$500.00
Operating permits need to be renewed every 3 years; if not renewed on time, the above fees are required
Septic administrative variance$150.00
Septic escrow$12,000.00 as set by the County Board OR total amount of estimate from a licensed & certified installer if the estimate is less than $12,000.00
Administrative Subdivision1Each newly created lot, lot line adjustment or correct encroachment$200.00
After the fact (per lot) in addition to permit fees$200.00
Preliminary Plat & Planned Unit Development; up to five lots/units, plus $100.00 per lot/unit over five$600.00
Final Plat ReviewThis is a flat fee, no additional charges for each lot/unit over five$500.00
Staff Site Visit (first visit no charge)$50.00
Wetland Conservation ActBanking application$400.00
Delineation review$100.00
Replacement plan$250.00
After the fact fees are double the permit fee
Gravel Pit Reclamation Bond (per 1 Acre); to be renewed every 5 years with permit renewal$2500.00
Xerox Copies $0.258½ x 11 single sided
Research Fee$25.00payable in half-hour increments
GIS map$6.008½ x 11 single sided
1Plus applicable recording fees. Please contact Lake County Recorder- (218) 834-8347

Fee schedule effective January 4, 2022.