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Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Land Use PermitDwelling/principal structure $200.00
All Other Structures Including Structure Change of Use (non-IUP)$50.00
Grade/Fill Non-Shoreland (> 100 cubic Yards)$100.00
Grade/Fill Shoreland (>10 cubic yards in shore impact zone & > 50 cubic yards in Shoreland zone)$200.00
Site Development (Driveway and Building Pad) on Vacant Land or >1000 cubic yards$300.00
Lake Superior Shoreland Restoration - Large restoration projects with the need for vegetation plans etc.$500.00
Change of Use to Vacation Rental in FR or Following IUP Approval$500.00
After the Fact (ATF) All Permits$1,000.00
Administrative Decision Appeal$500.00
Interim Use Permit (IUP)Vacation Rental Home or Gravel Pit$500.00
Gravel Pit Reclamation Bond (per 1 Acre). To be Renewed every 5 years with IUP$2,500.00
Conditional Use PermitGeneral Retail, B&B, Lodging/Camping establishments (less than 4 units) and Any Associated Expansions$500.00
Major-Industrial Uses, Towers, Resorts (4 or more units), Campgrounds, Hotels, Junk Yards etc.$1,000.00
After the Fact (ATF) All Permits$1,000.00
Septic SystemsNew non-commercial construction $500.00
Commercial/cluster system$1000.00
System Repair, Expansion, Tank Replacement or Holding Tank/Vault Privy$300.00
If Expansion and New Tank are Required - Must Pay New System Fee
System Reclassification or Non-Vault Privy in Shoreland$150.00
After the Fact (ATF) All Permits$1000.00
Operating permit (≤2,500 GPD) for individual sized system; one time fee if renewed on time$250.00
Operating Permit (≤2501 - 10,000 gpd) mid sized system$500.00
Operating Permits must be renewed every 3 years
Septic Administrative Variance$200.00
Septic Escrow (or total amount of estimate from a licensed installer if less than $20,000)$20,000.00
Administrative SubdivisionLot Line Adjustment or Encroachment Correction$200.00
Each New Lot$500.00
After the Fact (ATF) in addition to per lot fee$500.00
Preliminary PlatUp to Five Lots/Units$1000.00
Each Additional Lot/Unit Over Five$100.00
Plat AmendmentFollows Preliminary and Final Plat procedures$500.00
Final Plat ReviewThis is a flat fee, no additional charges for each lot/unit over five.$500.00
Wetland (WCA)No Loss DeterminationNo Fee
De minimis Determination (no TEP review needed)$100.00
De minimis Determination (TEP review needed)$200.00
Delineation Review$200.00
Replacement Plan$300.00
Banking Application$500.00
After the Fact Fees are Double the Permit Fee
Accelerated HearingsUnscheduled Hearing$1000.00
EAWEnvironmental Assessment Worksheet fee does not include cost to prepare the EAW or for 3rd party review.$1000.00
Plus applicable recording fees for CUPs, Plats, and Variances. Please contact Lake County Recorder- (218) 834-8347

Fee schedule effective January 3, 2023.