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Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Land Use PermitDwelling/principal structure Timely$100.00per structure
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramp(no fee)
All othersTimely$50.00per structure
After the fact- all types$400.00
$800.001after 2nd notice
Land Use Permit for Change of Use (to Vacation Rental Home)Timely$50.00
After the fact - FR district$400.00
Conditional Use2 & Initial Interim Use PermitTimely$500.00
IUP Renewal$300.00
After the fact$800.00
After the fact$800.00
Appeal from administrative decisions$400.00
Accelerated HearingsPre-scheduled hearing$200.00plus permit fee
Unscheduled hearing$500.00plus permit fee
Environmental Assessment Worksheet $500.00fee does not include cost for a consultant to prepare EAW; if the EAW is completed by the applicant or if it is necessary for a 3rd party review, the applicant will pay that review fee
Septic SystemsNew non-commercial construction $400.00
Commercial/cluster system$1000.00
Commercial and non-commercial septic system repair, expansion, tank replacement or holding tank/vault privy$300.00
Privy in soils (without a vault) in shoreland Areas$150.00
Privy in non-shoreland areas $50.00
After the fact- all types$800.00
Operating permit (≤2,500 GPD) for individual sized system; one time fee if renewed on time$250.00
Operating permit (2,501-10,000 GPD) for mid sized system, one time fee if renewed on time$500.00
Operating permits need to be renewed every 3 years; if not renewed on time, the above fees are required
Septic administrative variance$150.00
Septic escrow$12,000.00 as set by the County Board OR total amount of estimate from a licensed & certified installer if the estimate is less than $12,000.00
Administrative Subdivision1Each newly created lot$200.00
Each lot line adjustment or correct encroachment$100.00
After the fact (per lot) in addition to permit fees$200.00
Preliminary Plat1 & Planned Unit Development1; up to five lots/units, plus $100.00 per lot/unit over five$600.00
Final Plat Review1This is a flat fee, no additional charges for each lot/unit over five$500.00
Staff Site Visit (first visit no charge)$50.00
Wetland Conservation ActBanking application$400.00
Delineation review$100.00
Replacement plan$250.00
After the fact fees are double the permit fee
Gravel Pit Reclamation Bond (per 1 Acre); to be renewed every 5 years with permit renewal$2500.00
Xerox Copies $0.258½ x 11 single sided
Research Fee$25.00payable in half-hour increments
GIS map$6.008½ x 11 single sided
1These will be based on a timeline where the 2nd Violation Notice will go out after 30 days and the 3rd Violation Notice will go out after 60 days.

2Plus applicable recording fees. Please contact Lake County Recorder- (218) 834-8347

Fee schedule effective January 7, 2020.