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Demolition Landfill

Lake County owns and operates a demolition landfill that is located within Silver Creek Township near the area known as Castle Danger.

The site is located up the shore from Two Harbors on State Highway 61 approximately 10 miles to West Castle Danger Road (Co. 106).  You should turn left on 106 and travel about .7 miles, and then turn right on Bunker Hill Road.  The facility shop/office is about 1 mile ahead on the right. 

The demolition landfill is a permitted facility by the MPCA but is considered to be an unlined landfill; therefore there is a specific list of materials acceptable at this site.  Lake County is no longer accepting asbestos containing materials.

The demolition landfill is also permitted to deal with some special waste materials.  Major household appliances (white goods), and scrap metals may be disposed of at this facility.  The demolition facility also has a designated area for the disposal of lawn/garden waste, brush, tree limbs, etc. for compost.