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Solid Waste Fee Schedule

Electronics Recycling(contact solid waste officer for prices)
Demolition/ConstructionIn-county$8.60Per cubic yd. (tax included)
Out-of-county$27.60Per cubic yd. (tax included)
Mattresses or Box Spring RecyclingDry$18.00/each
Demolition Landfill Permit$25.00Yearly
Minimum Use Pass (Maximum 2 per year). Fee includes the disposal of 2 cubic yards or 1 level loaded pickup truck.$14.00
Collector/Transporter License$150.00
One-Time User Fee$14.00
Prohibited Materials$20.60Per cubic yd. (tax included)
Solid Waste Department Sorts LoadsLoader$45.00/hour
LaborHourly wage w/benefits
Tires (All off-rim)Passenger – <16”$4.00/each
Light truck – 16”-17”$4.00/each
Bobcat – <16”$4.00/each
Semi – 19.5”$7.00/each
Semi – 315-80-22.5”$10.00/each
Semi – 385-65-22.5”$22.00/each
Semi – 425-65-22.5” $32.00/each
Semi – 445-50-22.5”$37.00/each
Semi – 455-65-22.5”$42.00/each
Semi – 445-65-22.5”$47.00/each
Tractor (<24”)$32.00/each
Fee schedule effective January 7, 2020.