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Road Restrictions

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 169.87, Lake County posts road restrictions each spring.

Highway maintenance vehicles, school buses, and emergency public utility vehicles are exempt from load restrictions. Refuse trucks may exceed the imposed restrictions by two (2) tons per axle, but not to exceed nine (9) tons per axle in any case.

Any unposted roads are limited to five (5) tons per axle.  Road postings higher than five (5) ton limitations are effective only if the postings are in place.

The spring load restrictions are based on gross axle weights and includes the weight of both vehicle and its load.

Enforcement will be under the jurisdiction of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Anyone wishing to report suspected overweight vehicles, please call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at (218) 834-8385 or the Lake County Highway Department at (218) 834-8380.

See MN-DOT’s Annual Road Restrict Map for the latest seasonal load limits and spring load restrictions. Seasonal load limit explanation is available below. Be aware that Lake County may post some of their roads longer due to road conditions and can be found on the left of screen. Roads are posted with weight restriction signs.