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Sheriff Fee Schedule

Civil Fees

Summons, Subpoenas, Orders, etc.$45
Not Found/No Service$45
Affidavit of Vacancy$45
Orders for Protection(no charge)
Orders for Harassment(no charge)
All Executions5%Sheriff's commission
Executions Unsatisfied$30
Executions Personal Demand $45
Executions Levy $1
Executions Copy$2
Mortgage Foreclosure Sale$45
Mortgage Foreclosure Creditor Redemption$250
Report & Certificate of Sale$45
Mortgage Foreclosure Redemption$250
Intent to Redeem$100
After Redemption Filing Fee$20
Expiration of Redemption$45
Restitution or Attachment$30Hourly rate
Duplicate Certificates of Service/Affidavits$10

Gun Permit Fees

Gun Permit (new) $100
Gun Permit (personal data change or replacement) $10
Gun Permit (Renewal of Carry Permits) $75
Gun Permit Late fee (within the 30 days after expiration) $10

Jail Fees

Booking Fee $20
Huber Fees Per Day $20
Out-of-County Huber Fees per day $50
Out-of-County Cell Fees per day $50
Pay for Stay (per day) $2020% discount if paid within 30 days
10% discount if paid within 60 days
Medical/Dental Requests (per request) $5
Phone Cards $10
Canteen Items (pop, candy, snacks)$0.50-$2.00
Prescription Meds (per refill) $5
Non-Prescription Meds $0.25-$1.00
Personal hygiene items $0.50-$3.00
Stamps/postcards (our cost)
Urinalysis Test $10
Confirmed Positive Urinalysis Test $20each

Other Fees

Reports (up to 30 pages)$5
Copy of CD photos $5
Copy of VCR tape $10
Reprints of non-digital photos (our cost)
Fax (first page)$3
Fax (subsequent page)$1
Road Name Change Requests $500
Private Drive sign$20
Storage of impounded vehicles $10per day