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Birth and Death Certificates

Instructions and Application Forms

Minnesota Statutes Section 144.225, Subdivision 7 limits who can get a birth or death certificate to a person who has “tangible interest”. Tangible interest helps protect people who are born in Minnesota and the families of people who have died in Minnesota against fraud and identity theft. Learn more about eligibility or tangible interest from the Minnesota Department of Health .

To request a birth or death certificate:

  1. Obtain an application form from our office or print the form from one of the links provided below. 
  2. Complete the application form. If applying by mail for a certified copy, your signature must be notarized. 
  3. If applying for a non-certified copy, write “non-certified” across the top of the application form. Your signature does not have to be notarized for non-certified copies.
  4. Send the completed application form and payment to:

    Lake County Vital Records
    601 3rd Ave
    Two Harbors, MN 55616

The normal processing time for birth and death certificates is same day to two day turnaround by mail or are issued over the counter when applying in person.

Birth records for individuals born in Minnesota on/after 1935 and death records filed after 1997 are also available in any county within the State of Minnesota.

Applications accepted until 4:10 PM.


Payment of cash or check must be received prior to the issuance of a birth or death record. Checks should be made payable to ‘Lake County Vitals’. Lake County Recorder’s office is unable to accept debit/credit cards.

Birth Certificates

            $26.00 for the first certified copy
            $19.00 for each additional certificate of the same record issued at the same time
            $13.00 for non-certified copies

Death Certificates

            $13.00 for the first certified or non-certified copy
            $  6.00 for each additional certificate of the same record issued at the same time

Obtaining Records through the Minnesota Department of Health  

You may also order birth and/or death certificates through the Minnesota Department of Health .

 Out-of-State Birth Certificates   

If you were not born in Minnesota, you can contact the National Center for Health Statistics for information how to order an out-of-state birth certificate.