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Lake Superior South

Lake County has 9.6% of the St. Louis River One Watershed, One Plan planning area. This includes part of both the Cloquet and St. Louis River Watersheds. The Cloquet Watershed drains into the St. Louis River, which eventually drains into Lake Superior. 
A One Watershed, One Plan Planning Grant has recently been awarded to South St. Louis SWCD to begin a Comprehensive Watershed Planning effort for the St. Louis River Watershed in 2020. As Lake County has less than 10% of the watershed area, Lake County and Lake SWCD are not required participants in this planning effort. 

For more information on this planning process, please visit South St. Louis SWCD. One Watershed, One Plans are completed for and by the land occupiers, owners and public of the watershed. Committee meetings began in 2020 and the planning process is now complete. The final plan is now in the implementation phase. More information on opportunities for public involvement (a great way to inform local resource management in your watershed!) will be available through the St. Louis River 1W1P Policy, Steering, and Advisory Committees (contact South St. Louis SWCD for more information). 

Final St. Louis Cloquet One Watershed One Plan comprehensive water management plan, approved in 2023.

For more information on resource concerns in this watershed planning area, visit:
Cloquet Watershed – MPCA
St. Louis River Watershed – MPCA

Map of Minnesota watersheds with the St. Louis River watershed circled in red