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Tree Sale

Spruce tree in foreground of a forested landscape

The 2021 Native Tree and Shrub Sale is open for orders! The Two Harbors pick-up will be on Friday, May 14th, 8 am – 4 pm. South St. Louis SWCD will still be collecting mailed-in order forms, but those will be processed once a week due to COVID protocol. Best availability can be found by ordering online from South St. Louis SWCD’s website.

All bundles in the 2021 season are bundles of 25 seedlings and all are $40/bundle.  You will want to plan your order and planting schedule accordingly.  Also, please check sizes of the seedlings you’re ordering as they may be different from previous years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to plant the trees?
Ideally, as soon as you get them. Realistically, plant within days. Much past a week after pick-up is pushing it. The trees need to be tended to daily, so it will be easier on you and the trees if you can plant them quickly.

How do I store my trees until I plant them?
Find a cool, shaded spot next to something you can lean the trees against. Set the roots directly on the ground, wrap the outside of the roots in burlap or an old bath towel, and water multiple times per day. Keep the roots and their wrapping wet, as you do not want the roots to dry out. Do not submerge roots in a bucket of water, as they will drown.

How big are the trees? Should I pick them up in a trailer?
No, most of the trees will easily fit in a car. Look at the order form for the heights of the trees you are purchasing. We wrap the roots in a bag so your car doesn’t get dirty.

Can I order less than a bundle?
Unfortunately, we can’t break down the bundles. However, you might have a friend or neighbor who would like to split a bundle with you.

Why don’t you sell (insert name of tree here)?
We only sell Minnesota native trees and shrubs, and we take many factors into consideration when making our list. Changing climates, previous years’ sales, what is available from nurseries, and current issues in forestry all factor into what trees we select.

What if I can’t pick up my trees on the assigned day?
You’ll need to find someone to pick them up for you. We aren’t able to care for the trees after the pick-up day.

Will the deer eat my trees?
If they’re hungry enough, we’ve all seen what deer can do to any plant. If deer are a problem in your area, you can build simple cages or put fences up around your trees.

Can I buy the leftover trees?
No, we do not sell any unclaimed trees.

How do I know when to pick up my trees?
You’ll find pick-up information on the order form. We will send out an email reminder about a week before the pick-up. If you’re not certain or don’t receive an email, please don’t hesitate to call us!

All information was provided by South St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District