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Available Records

Our vaults hold official copies of all real estate documents recorded since the organization of Lake County in 1856. Lake County continues to maintain a blind Tract Index as the basis of our recording system along with a Numerical Index, dates of recording and Grantor/Grantee references and Certificates of Title. In 2004, we discontinued keeping paper copies of documents and converted to electronic images stored on our server and available for viewing in our office on public terminals or through our online records vendor at We are entering older records electronically as time allows.

Abstract documents recorded on January 1, 1973 with Document #92948 and Torrens Documents recorded on December 7, 1989 with Document #20,461 to the present are all scanned and indexed for online access as well as Certificates of Title in Book 30 (Certificate No. 9153 from 11/17/1972) to the present Book 67 are also scanned and indexed.

Our Historical Tract Indexes (Prior to computer integration in 2004) are scanned in and available for viewing on  We only have the related documents appearing in that index for the time span described in the paragraph above at this time. 

State and Federal Tax Liens records are available online through as well as in our office filed by party name.

Also available only at the Recorder’s Office:

Private individual surveys are rarely recorded in Lake County.

Real Estate Related Information held by other Departments

Judgments can be reflected on an Abstract and that information is available in the Court Administrator’s Office. They can be reached at 834-8330 or by clicking on the link above.

Parcel Information is available free of charge at for searching information regarding property ownership, valuations, tax amounts and Certificates of Real Estate Value. For additional information in those areas, contact the Lake County Assessor at 834-8310 or Lake County Auditor at 834-8315.