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Real Estate Records Online

Lake County uses iDocMarket for our online real estate records access.  After a free initial registration, you can choose between a variety of tiers to suit your searching needs. Please be sure to review our Data Availability and Search tips to be sure that these resources will meet your needs.

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Data Availability

Indexed Data and Images from 1/1/1973 in Abstract records beginning with Document No. 92948 and 12/7/1989 in Torrens records starting with Document No. 20,461. Indexed and Imaged Certificates of Title from the present (Book 71) back through Book No. 30 (Certificate No. 9153– Nov. 17, 1972) and any Certificates on which recent recordings have taken place. Images of named plats are indexed by Plat Name, Document number & legal descriptions. All State and Federal Tax Liens are indexed and imaged. We are working on integrating older records as time allows.