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Recording Fees

Abstract Fees

For Recording and Indexing any Instrument$46.00
Multiple Satisfactions/Assignments/Releases$46.00 with 4 document citations or less
$10.00 additional for each document cited for 1st 4
Well Disclosure Statement$50.00
For Recording any Plat$56.00
For Filing an Amended Floor Plan (515),
Condominium (515A),
CIC Plat or Amend (515B)
$0.50 per apartment or unit
with a $56.00 minimum

Torrens Fees

Original Certificate of Title$46.00
Document Transferring Certificate$46.00

$40.00 for each additional new certificate, thereafter
Entry of Memorial per Certificate$46.00

$20.00 for multiple certificate entries, thereafter
Residue Certificate OR each additional new Certificate$40.00
Exchange Certificates$20.00 for each Cancelled Certificate

$20.00 for each New Certificate

$20.00 for multiple certificate entries, thereafter
Common Interest Community Certificate of Title$40.00
Amendment to Declaration in accordance with Chapter 515$46.00

$20.00 for multiple certificate entries thereafter
Amended Floor Plan in accordance with Chapter 515$56.00
Amendment to CIC Declaration & Plat complying with 515B$46.00

$20.00 for multiple certificate entries thereafter
Condominium or CIC Plat or Amendment$56.00
Section 515B CIC affecting 2 or more units$46.00 for first 10 affected Certificates

$10.00 for each additional affected certificate
For Filing of a Certified Copy of a plat of the Survey$46.00
Registered Land Survey$56.00
Certified Copy of a Registered Land Survey$15.00 (Large Size)
Condition of Register (Certified)$50.00
Non-Certified Copy of a Certificate of Title$5.00
Well Disclosure Certificate$50.00
Federal Tax Lien$46.00
State Tax Lien(no charge)
State Tax Lien Release$30.00

Document Copies and Miscellaneous Fees

For a Non-Certified Copy$1.00 per page of any instrument or writing on file
in this office or any specified page or part of it
with a $5.00 miniumum per document
Certified Copy of any Document or part thereof$10.00 per document (Flat fee)
Copy of a Recorded Plat$10
Copy of a Recorded Plat w/certification (large plat size only)$15
Copy of: Floor Plan (515), Condominium (515A), CIC Plat (515B)$1.00 per page ($10.00 minimum)
Non-certified copy or duplicate original (Attested or conformed copy)$2.00 **A copy of the document must be provided
by the submitter at the time of recording on which
to apply the attested recording stamp to.
Fax charges$5.00 per document plus $1.00 per page over 5
Email charges$5.00 per document

iDoc Subscriptions

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