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Plat Maps, Surveys, Gov’t Corners, Parcels

The Lake County Recorder’s Office has the original recorded Subdivision Plats, Registered Land Surveys (for Torrens properties), some Government Surveys, some recorded plats that do not have an official name, MN Dept. of Transportation Right of Way Plats and Certificates of Location of Government Corners. Click on the appropriate category below to be directed to a listing of them. Those records can be viewed in our office.

Subdivision plats with names can be viewed on iDocMarket and are indexed by plat name and legal description, and document number.

Most of the documents listed in the PDFs below are available on iDocMarket:

The majority of the Certificates of Location of Government Corners are in our office and those presented since 2013 have been recorded with a document number and are also on iDocMarket.

Additional Corner Certificate and Survey information can be viewed on the Lake County Survey Explorer map. Survey Explorer Instructions user guide.

Original Land Survey notes and township plat maps are held by the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

Lake County property ownership and parcel information is available free of charge at

Lake County Atlas is a public facing map that will allows the community and visitors to access more geographic information about Lake County, MN. This includes parcels/properties, zoning, plowing, 2019 aerial imagery, and other information.