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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I obtain a copy of my Deed or Certificate of Title?

Provide us with your name, legal description or property address and approximate date of purchase so we can locate your record. We will provide property owners a copy of their own deed free of charge. Copy fees for other real estate documents are $1.00 per page over the counter or $5.00 if the copy is to be mailed, faxed or emailed with payment being required before the document copy is released.

Real estate documents are also available on-line at for minimal access & print fees from the last 40+ years for Abstract property and 30+ years for Torrens property at this time.

Where can I get real estate forms?

Lake County does not provide forms, legal advice or assist in preparing any documents. Questions should be directed to a Real Estate Attorney or a Title & Abstract Company or search for forms at MN Uniform Conveyance Blanks.

Will the Recorder’s/Registrar’s Office help me fill out my real estate forms?

No. We recommend that you consult a real estate attorney or a Title & Abstract Company for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms and for legal advice on what you want to accomplish properly.

Where can I get forms notarized?

There are notaries available in the County Auditor’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, and Human Resources in the Court House. Also, your local bank, attorney’s offices and car dealerships have notary publics.

Are there any liens on my property?

Various types of property liens are filed in the Recorder’s Office. Those records are all open to the public and you are welcome to come into our office to search them out. The Recorder’s Office staff does not do searches for people but will give you instructions on how to do so yourself. Or, contact an abstract company or attorney to do a formal review.

Judgments will show on an abstract but they are mainly filed in the Court Administrator’s Office, so that is another place to check on liens.

Is there an easement on my property?

In order to determine if there is an easement of record for your property, a search would need to be done. The Recorder’s Office does not provide searches but can show you how to search through our public records yourself. Or, you can review the deed to your property, abstract or Certificate of Title for reference to easements affecting your property or contact a title company or attorney. Records for the last 20+ years are accessible online at as well for a minimal access fee.

How do I change names/ownership on my property?

The County can only make changes to names or ownership records with a legal document such as a new deed. Please seek legal advice as we are unable to advise on this topic or prepare documents.

Who owns the mineral rights on my property?

Determination of Mineral ownership can involve extensive searching which the Recorder’s office cannot do but we can show you how the property records are kept so you can attempt to review them on your own. Otherwise, you could refer to your Abstract or Certificate of Title for mention of them or contact a title company or attorney to make that determination for you.m or contact a title company or attorney to make that determination for you.

Refer to this link from the State of Minnesota for more information.